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CEFA2019 virtual: Designing the Circular Future together, Medellin Colombia.

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

28-29 November 2019 | Medellin Colombia

CEFA gathers industry leaders, entrepreneurs, universities, NGO’s and governments from across the Western Hemisphere*. To facilitate high level discussions with key Circular Economy experts and practitioners to debate the state of the needs, challenges, and opportunities of this important and rapidly expanding field of work with the purpose of generating a common and deeper understanding of Circular Economy and its relevance and applicability in the region.

A region where the resources, knowledge, capacity and wealth is adequately distributed among its people to satisfy current and future needs while they prosper in harmony with nature. This Circular Economy Platform of the Americas is an initiative powered by the Americas Sustainable Development Foundation. ASDF is a non-profit independent advisory foundation that focuses on helping bring about cutting-edge ideas and solutions as Cradle to Cradle® and the Circular Economy to the mainstream across the countries in the Western Hemisphere to realize Sustainable Development.

“Designing our Circular Future Together”

This Platform fills the vacuum for an easy-access one-stop-shop portal where information about Circular Economy from and for the Americas is made available. As the concept of Circular Economy serves as a suitable guiding framework there is a significant space and opportunity for the development of new tools, business models, design methods, and performance criteria to apply in real-life to achieve measurable results toward a Circular Economic reality. By linking people, ideas and actions through this Platform the transition toward a Circular Economy in the Americas is facilitated.

The Circular Economy Platform of the Americas opens new avenues for profitable business, embraces the innovative and positive human intent, and allows for creative thinking and development of eco-friendly products and services to satisfy needs of the people of the Americas. The Platform will increasingly include individuals, businesses, governments, academia and organizations willing and able to engage in promoting, facilitating and help realizing Circular Economy adoption and implementation in the Americas.The challenge ahead is to engage more and more people to become change agents and help translate and materialize this Circular Economy paradigm into practical action and results.

For more information about CEFA2019, please visit

For more information about CEFA2019, please visit ment Foundation (ASDF). All Rights Reserved.

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